CRM made for your unique business...

Our team can ask the right questions and translate you processes into a bespoke CRM system

EngageCRM UK believe with every project that is unique and new to us enhances and grows our business knowledge and service capabilities!

Module Mapping

Our account managers will work with you to understand your bespoke requirements.

We will walk you through our project management process and discuss with you the core elements & features you would like to include in your bespoke system.

From our discussions EngageCRM UK will develop our customisations and module map, this is a diagram showing each core module inside your system and the connections between them.

Our aim is simple, we will use the core software from SuiteCRM & NextCloud and customise it to work for your specific requirements!

Flexible Software

Using SuiteCRM & NextCloud, the best Open Source software available!

We can start all bespoke projects with a flexible foundation

The software allows us to customise for any specific project!

Starting with the core modules that the software provides we:

Rename / update core modules
Add & edit fields
Customise Layouts, colours, themes
Add & edit relationships (links between modules)
Create new Modules and add to the structure
Build reports and user dashboard
Scope & develop modules & features outside of the in-house tools

Start Small...Grow Big!

EngageCRM UK with Open Source allows you to start today, as your organisation or project's  requirements grow you can expand the software with new modules and plugins.

Adding a new user to Open Source software = £0.00

As your database grows EngageCRM UK can upgrade your hosting to meet your needs.

We host all systems with UKFAST to provide the best shared and dedicated hosting for our client's systems.  

Full Control

With Open Source you have full control of the software for your organisation!

SuiteCRM & Nextcloud both have internal developer tools that can customise modules and layouts and you are able to develop custom and bespoke features and integrate with other software

EngageCRM UK can work with you to develop new modules, API connections or plugins!


No software licence, no user licences.

Add new users, grow your team without your prices rising.

EngageCRM UK costs are based on your system size and supported users!  

Customer Relationship Manager

An online system & database that helps organisations of all sizes collect, manage and group their client data.

CRM can help improve all areas of an organisation from marketing & sales to contracts & delivery.

Keeping all of your interactions with your client in one place

Functionally very similar to the widely used SalesForce with a difference:  

No User Licences
100% Control of the software

Customise your system to meet your needs, add fields & change layouts to ensure you capture  information important to your organisation!  


Cloud allows you to have personal storage online, that you can access securely anywhere!

Functionally very similar to the widely used Dropbox with a difference:

No User Licences 
100% Control of the software

Upload & organise your Documents, Files, Images, Videos and much more!  

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