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With either our simple or advanced reporting you can get a complete overview of your data whenever you need

Included in every SuiteCRM

Reports for Everyone

Advanced Open Reports (AOR) is the reporting module within SuiteCRM that allows users to pull data from multiple modules, set critera and display results in tables and graphs!

Key Features 

Unlimited Reports
Live Data Tracking
Combine multiple reports for user Dashboards
Graps and Tables
Email on Schedule
Export as CVS and PDF

Advanced dashboards your users need

Unify your data, not your database

Grafana is an additional application that connects to your CRM and displays dashboards on users homepage, Grafana takes a unique approach to providing a “single-pane-of-glass” by unifying your existing data, wherever it lives.

With Grafana, you can take any of your existing data from your CRM and visualize it however you want, all from a single dashboard. 

EngageCRM has designed 4 Grafana dashboards for clients to start, we can work with you and customise dashboards further.

- Leads
- Marketing Campaigns
- Opportunity and Sales
- Call Centre Statistics 

Key Features 

Unlimited Dashboards
Live and Historic Data tracking*
Interactive Graphs and Tables
Targeted audit dashboards
Email on Schedule
Export as CSV and PDF

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