Users, Roles & Groups

SuiteCRM guarantee there will be no user licences.
Create Users, add to Roles / Groups to manage group access.
Take it further with Security Suite Premium to manage group module layout and admin sudo login  


Create, edit and update HTML email templates using SuiteCRM email template creator.
Group your records into lists and send targeted email campaigns.
Setting up scheduled Newsletters and bulk eshots has never been easier.
EngageCRM can support you and provide new data for email campaigns!  

Web Forms > Person Module

Create web forms to display on your website to feed into your SuiteCRM
Creating new Leads and other person type modules, with automatic replies to your customer and automatic email alerts to users to follow up.
Easily import new Leads via CSV spreadsheet!  

Opportunities & Sales Pipeline

Convert Leads into Opportunities!
Track your sales and record expected income and the expected sale date to manage your pipeline efficiently.
Homepage graphs visually show users the sales pipeline!  

Accounts & Contacts

Create business records you are working with, archiving the information that is important to you.
Manage & filter your Account records with Account Type, Industry, SIC Code and many other fields.
Record & store Contact details for all individuals inside the business.  

Quotes > Invoices

With AOS you can quickly build your product list with fixed costs.
Create bespoke Quotes for your customers and easily generate PDF or HTML to print or email with just a click of a button!  

Project Management

Create Projects and bring your resources to one place, add Project Tasks and assign to users with due dates.
Project Template Creator allows you to quickly create a project template that can be duplicated and redistributed.  

Shared Calendar & Activities

Create, edit and view Activities inside Calendar.
Quickly switch between Month, Week and Day view and custom colour coding for different activity types.
View and control access to Shared Month & Shared week views. Plugins available to sync with Outlook, Outlook365, Thunderbird and Gmail.  

Task Management

Tasks allow you to set tasks for yourself and other users with email alerts!
Set a Due Date, Task Priority and Description to help organise tasks.
Inline list editing means you can update day to day tasks quickly.
Using SuiteCRM Reporter we can schedule reports to be emailed to users with the title "Today’s Tasks"  

Document Management

Upload and archive documents in SuiteCRM, Link documents to the relevant record and easily manage version control.  

Contract Management

Convert a Quote into a Contract with a click of a button, Create custom PDF or HTML templates!
Manage your contracts with auto reminder alert emails for users and/or clients. Take it further with DocuSign plugin - Electronic signature management.  

Advanced Open Reporter

Simple to use, AOR allows you to create unlimited reports across multiple modules and display the data in various ways.
Display in Graphs and Charts and add reports to users homepage. Schedule reports to be emailed daily, weekly, monthly or annually.  

Advanced Open WorkFlow

AOW is a key feature that takes the SuiteCRM to the next level!
It gives the CRM a brain! It is a process maker that can automate your CRM using custom conditions and actions you set.
Create / modify records or send email alerts based on a certain criteria.
With our knowledge and support we will help you create, update and maintain your automated processes to ensure the most efficient CRM.  

Developer Tools

Developer tools allow admin users to customise and update the CRM, molding it to your Organisation.
With our support and training you can be confident the changes are deployed correctly and safely.
These tools allow admin to update modules, fields and layouts! We can even create new modules.  


SuiteCRM is a thriving project with more and more companies finding the benefit of Open Source CRM
Many organisations are creating plugins and integrations with a magnitude of other systems & tools.
We can help you find the best plugins for your CRM and support implementing them correctly.  

All Platforms

In 2016 SuiteCRM released their Open Source mobile responsive theme SuiteP.
A completely Open Source mobile responsive theme that is included with every install.
Take it further with QuickCRM! An IOS & Android app that connects to SuiteCRM.  

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