"Learning that helps you grow"

Who are Green Labyrinth?

Green Labyrinth specialises in professional business training and education that supports the needs of employers and learners. They offer workplace learning and training. They also provide a specialist teaching and learning opportunity to students attending our alternative provision through their Study Programme. Our pioneering vision, supported by teaching expertise and experience has created a sought-after model of success and a reputation for pioneering market leading learning programmes.


What have we been working on?

EngageCRM UK creation was due to the internal needs of Green Labyrinth, we needed a flexible and affordable solution. What started in 2012 as an internal solution has now grown further than we could have imagined!

Green Labyrinth's CRM solutions are a key part of the organisation's process and have been flexible with the growth of the organisation over the years

From marketing campaigns to online enrolments for Apprenticeships EngageCRM has been a core system used.

Key Challenges Faced

Centralising and processing data streams

Flexible learner enrolment for multiple funding streams

Multiple Departments and users with different controlled access

Sales Pipeline for funding streams

Course Administration and attendee management

Email marketing, invites and surveys

Contact Management

Bring everything into one place!

Organisations and Employers
Groups, lists and reports
Preferences and GDPR


Keep a log of your conversations!

Calls and Meetings
Shared Calendar
Set Follow Up reminders

Email Marketing 

Design, Schedule and Send!

Gmail plugin
Email Templates
Bulk Email Campaigns & Reports