What is CRM?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management

It is a way to manage an organisation's relationships with it's potential and existing clients!

CRM helps organise, analyse and report on client data. Connect marketing sources like your website and social media to financial and invoicing systems

Why is CRM important?

CRM allows organisations to centralise their customer data.

Improve communication, automation and maintain your relationships with your clients, partners and suppliers!

CRM can be introduced into multiple areas of a business

Leads > Sales Automation

Set your sales team free! Give them the tool to allow them to record new leads and conversion into sales pipeline, create custom automation to trigger tasks and processes  

Marketing Automation

Create HTML email templates, organise your clients into marketing lists and send bulk emails with tracking!

Set up automatic email alerts and reminders for clients and users!

(Happy birthday and Contract reminders)

Contact Management (GDPR)

Store your contact and organisation information record the information that is important to you!

GDPR fields included to report where you obtained the data and why.

Support Desk (Case Management)

A client may raise an issue over the telephone or email and CRM allows your team to have a central system to manage the 'case' escalating the stage, priority and adding comments throughout.

Automated email alerts and synchronization to the client can be from email subject line. (CASE: 1234 - Issue)

What are the benefits of CRM?

  1. 1. Improved client relationships
  2. 2. Communication and collaboration
  3. 3. Lead > Sales management
  4. 4. Sales pipeline (forecasting)
  5. 5. Improve reporting in all areas
  6. 6. Boost automation and tracking
  7. 7. Save costs


CRM  systems help Organisations to sort client data and improve processes and reporting!

All of your teams can benefit from engaging into one central system.

Customise your system to meet your needs, add fields and change layouts to ensure you capture the information important to your organisation!

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