"Building Better Opportunities"

The Building Bridges programme supports people across Swindon and Wiltshire who are facing significant challenges in being able to develop their skills, access education or move towards the world of work. Taking part in the programme is entirely voluntary and all of our advice and support is offered free of charge

The West Of England Works project is an exciting partnership which aims to help unemployed and economically inactive people in the West of England find employment. Led by Weston College, the partnership includes a range of voluntary and community organisations based in Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, and Bath and North East Somerset. It will support at least 1537 young people and adults into gaining employment through a community-based support programme

What have we been doing?

We have been working with Building Better Opportunities partners since 2016 to deliver a centralised MIS for their projects to organise, process and archive their participant data and evidence. 

Projects include automated onboarding process, generating paperwork and bespoke audit reports to ensure the data exported is accurate and compliant with the funding rules.

Key Challenges Faced

Online referral forms process

Centralising Potential > Participant process and evidence

Multiple organisations and users with different controlled access

Generating funding paperwork and exports

Advanced audit reports and compliance for data quality

Email marketing, invites and surveys

Website Forms

Bring everything into one place!

Referrals and Potentials
Groups, lists and reports
Preferences and GDPR


Initial Contact Made

Taking initial details
Qualify compliance with funding
Set Follow Up reminders


Qualified individuals

Centralised data and evidence
Assigned to Key worker
Alerts and reminders

Generate Documents

Enter data once, mail merge your paperwork

Sign-up and Compliance  
Flexible mail merge for Word and Excel
Upload and Archive

Audit Reports

Compliance Driven Criteria

User Homepage Dashboards
Starts and Success Rates
Scheduled reports via Email