Why Open Source?

Learn the Benefits of Using Open Source CRM Software

Use what you need, grow in your own way

Start Small...Grow Big!

Open source CRM software is highly scalable and can grow with your business.
As your business expands, you can easily add new features and functionalities to your CRM system, without having to worry about hitting any scalability limitations.

Unlock The Potential


Open source software is highly flexible and can be easily modified to fit your business processes. This means that you can customise the software to fit your unique requirements, rather than having to change your processes to fit the software.

By modifying the software, organisations can create a solution that is tailored to their specific needs and processes, which can help to improve their overall efficiency and productivity.

Additionally, businesses can also modify the software to adapt to changing needs over time. As the business evolves, the software can be updated to meet the new requirements and to take advantage of new technologies and features. This can help businesses to keep up with the latest developments in their industry, and to remain competitive.

Improve your Protection

Data Security

Open-Source software has many areas where it can improve and enhance the data security within your business


As the source code of open-source software is publicly available, businesses can view and understand the code, which can help to identify and fix security vulnerabilities. 

Additionally, open-source software often has a large and active community of developers, who can also review and test the code for security issues. This can help to improve the overall security of the software and to identify and fix vulnerabilities more quickly.


Open-source software allows businesses to see who has contributed to the software, when and where, this allows businesses to have a clear view of who is responsible for any security vulnerability, and to hold them accountable. 

Additionally, businesses can also contribute to the development of the software, by submitting bug reports, feature requests, or code changes, which can help to improve the security of the software.

SuiteCRM comes with a full audit features that tracks modules and fields, who changed what and when. There are additional plugins for more advanced audit trackers!

Intergrations and Connectors

Open-source software is often designed to be integrated with other systems and software, this can help businesses to streamline the software with their existing systems, and to use it in conjunction with other open-source and proprietary software. 

This can help to improve the overall security of a business, by reducing the number of potential attack surfaces.

Community support

Open-source software is typically developed and maintained by a community of developers and users, this can help businesses to access a wide range of resources and support, including documentation, forums, and tutorials. 

Additionally, businesses can also access the community for support and guidance when it comes to security issues, which can help them to improve the security of their systems.

No Growing Pains

Cost Effective

One of the main benefits of open-source software is that it is typically free to use, distribute, and modify. This means that businesses can save money on software costs, as they do not have to purchase licenses for the software.

This can help businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, to allocate resources to other areas of the business, such as marketing, hiring, or research and development. Additionally, open-source software can help businesses to reduce their IT costs, as it can be used to replace expensive proprietary software. This can help businesses to reduce their IT expenses, and to reallocate those resources to other areas of the business.

Plant The Seeds For Tomorrow

Investing in the future

CRM systems are not just to solve your needs today.
If your organisation's requirements change, you need software that is adaptive and cost effective when change is needed!
SuiteCRM & Nextcloud are continually evolving in real time as their developers upgrade the software.

With an active community and dedicated developers working on the Open Source software, it is forever getting better. 


Is there a higher risk with Open Source software?

With hundreds of developers working on the application, there is a chance that some of them could have malicious intentions.

Our foundation application SuiteCRM is fully supported by Sales Agility. 
Both Sales Agility and EngageCRM UK take steps to ensure malicous code doesn't reach released systems to our customers:

1. Sales Agility offer Long Term Support (LTS) to the project on all of their new releases.
2. Sales Agility review all new/updatedcode before adding a new release
3. EngageCRM UK use diagnostic tools to identify any potential malicious code
4. EngageCRM UK test all releases and upgrades before your live CRM is updated
5. EngageCRM UK run scheduled checks on client hosting environment for health risks

Will there be a higher Long-term Cost?

There can be concerns with Open-Source projects that customers may be left alone solving all of the issues that may occur and having to learn every level of the application.

With EngageCRM UK,  we work with you to investigate and solve the issues, we communicate with Open-Source project leaders and developers to improve and enhance your experience.

With SuiteCRM, most of the headaches can be with the hosting and file permissions, all these problems are solved with our optimised cloud hosting for SuiteCRM!

Do I receive the same level of support when compared to commercial software?

SuiteCRM has a vibrant community full of users and developers of all experience levels helping each other get the most out of SuiteCRM and support solving issues!

Additionally, our solutions are fully supported by our team, we are here to be your first point of contact for any SuiteCRM related issues, customisations or integrations you need to improve your experience.

Have confidence our experts are on hand to deliver online and onsite training for SuiteCRM, from the basics to administrator and developer features. 

Will the Open-Source project ever stop?

Our foundation application project SuiteCRM has a vibrant and active community with over 120,000 users!
Since SuiteCRM was released on October 21 2013, Sales Agility have been dedicated to the project and offer Long Term Support (LTS) to the project on all of their new releases.

This means we have extra confidence the release has been tested and will be supported for at least 21 months following latest release.

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