Marketing CRM

Every organisation needs to have good marketing processes in place to reach their target audience and stand out from the crowd
That's where EngageCRM comes in, the system includes all the Emarketing tools that give you the ability to group and segment your data and you can create unlimited HTML templates to send to your clients  

Campaign Manager

Bring everything into one place!
Link your web forms, target lists and email templates together and manage what you're sending  

Campaign Results

Instantly view the results of your email campaigns.  


Create HTML surveys for instant feedback from your clients!
Quickly set up the questions and entry types and connect to a bulk email campaign to automate responses linking to Contacts and Organisations!

Create reports for your surveys to summarise the responses!

Customer Relationship Manager

An online system & database that helps organisations of all sizes collect, manage and group their client data.

CRM can help improve all areas of an organisation from marketing & sales to contracts & delivery.

Keeping all of your interactions with your client in one place

Functionally very similar to the widely used SalesForce with a difference:

Customise your system to meet your needs, add fields & change layouts to ensure you capture  information important to your organisation!

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