What is Cloud?

Simply, cloud computing is the delivery of services – servers, storage, databases, software and more – over the Internet (“the cloud”)

You only pay for cloud services you use, helping lower your costs and help use one system being more efficient and scale up as your business grows

Why is Cloud important?

Cloud allows you to upload, store and organise your data, documents, files, images & videos!

Having a core storage system allows staff to collaborate and organise in one consistent place.

Cloud storage is GDPR compliant and allows you to store securely.

Using EngageCRM UK and Nextcloud application you have full control of the hosting environment and user access

File & Folder Management

Create strict folder structures within your cloud for users and groups to follow and customise

Set up tags to group your file types and easily search

Securely share your folders and files internally and externally, set up temporary share links with passwords.

Host and stream online videos from your cloud!

Audit Tracking

Cloud offers you the ability to track and report on every action taken inside

Keep track of users activity, uploading / downloading to comments and tags on files & folders

What are the benefits of Cloud?

  1. 1. Manage documents with more efficiency
  2. 2. Collaboration & Productivity improved
  3. 3. Ensure your data is stored security
  4. 4. Your cloud, your data - dedicated hosting for your server
  5. 5. Save costs

Own Your Cloud

Cloud allows you to have personal storage that you can access securely anywhere!

Easily upload, store and share your Documents, Files, Images, Videos and much more!

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