Building Better Opportunities


Record every individual that interacts with your project!

Website contact forms can send information and create a Potential inside the MIS!

Quality Check Before Enrolment
Basic users (Partners) are limited and can only create Potentials, upload evidence and the required information.
Lead Partner (Super Users) can complete a quality check and convert the Potential into a Participant to officially enrol them


All information is transferred from a Potential into an enrolled Participant

Partner Organisations can then continue to record & store Participant information including scans, upload and archive documents.

Quality Check - Completion

Similar to the enrolment process to complete a Participant Partners (Basic Users) can upload the evidence to complete. Update the status.

Until the Lead Partner (Super Users) have quality checked the evidence they have to confirm the overall status confirmation for Annex L/Annex O

Documents & Generating Paperwork

MIS allows users to generate the Annex documents for the Building Bridges Project from the information inside the record

Documents you can generate:

Annex H
Annex N
Annex J
Annex L
Annex O
Document Repository

Allowing super users to upload and share paperwork templates and marketing material, version control and document revision process.

Partners can access the latest version and download.

Activities & History

Log Calls, Schedule Meetings, Send and Receive E-Mails all inside of MIS!

Users benefit from using the Calendar module to mass schedule activities and we are able to integrate the system with Outlook & Google Calendars

Action Plans

Create Action Plans with Goals for a Participant to complete within their time inside the project

Users & Project Leaders are able to report on overall Participant progress!

Costs > Annex O

Log all costs spent on your Building Better Opportunities Project and generate an Annex O copy for financial returns.

Easily report on a Participant and on what specific activity money has been invested into.

"How many Participants received a Travel Expense this month/year?"

Organisations & Job Opportunities

Create Organisations and record your interactions with decision makers.

Record the Job Opportunities and link them to the successful Participant who was placed!

Reports for opportunities included.


Using the custom Workflow manager we are able to create custom processes inside the MIS to create Tasks or Send Alert E-Mails at anytime!  


With the custom Reporter we can create & update reports needed to deliver the project.

We have all of the required reports from Building Better Opportunities included!

"Total Number of Men/Women"

Cloud - Partner Returns

Using Nextcloud the lead organisation for the Building Better Opportunities can provide a central and secure place for all parter organisations to upload their monthly returns

EngageCRM UK provide a ready made folder structure, suitable for monthly / annual returns for all users!

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