Engage Care

Lead Management

Get your Leads / Enquiries into your CRM in many different ways

Set up customised workflows for automated email alerts and Tasks created for users to follow up!

Patients / Residents

Record every individual you interact with  

Appointments & Calendar

Create appointments on schedule, linking a patient & user.
Users are able to view their appointments through the shared calendar and quickly update the records on the go.  

Accident Reports

Full accident report process, including all fields required to be recorded if something is to occur.

Customisable for any additional fields you require!

Generate PDF reports from the CRM to confirm / sign

Use the CRM reports to view 'how many accidents this month / year?'

Compliance Management

Staying on top of your documents in one place!

The CRM has a document manager process that allows you to upload documents and upload revisions, highlighting the changes in the document.

Document review date

Create reports for your 'policies and procedure documents' that need to be reviewed

The process includes email alerts to remind users of any that are due for renewal


Do your staff log timesheets?
Give your staff the freedom to log their timesheets on the go.
Linking the exact hours to the Patients attended to, turn timesheets into invoices on schedule or with the click of a button!  

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