Data Protection

Nextcloud logs data in the Nextcloud.log file provided in the root of its data directory. You can optionally record a full audit trail there, provided the ‘info’ log level is set. This can be used by Data Loss Prevention and Mobile Device Management tools as user agent information is available alongside extensive user, IP and date/time logs. Audit logs provided include user session information, file handling, user management, sharing and other actions.

Be in control of your hosting and location
Be in control of your users
Be in control of connections and integrations

Users & Groups

Administrators can  

Create, Edit and Remove Users
Create Groups
Set Permissions
Manage Passwords

Folders & Files

Organise your files into a simple folder structure, With EngageCRM UK we can set default folders for all users in your organisation  

Bookmarks & Tags

Make files easier to find! Users can set tags on files and folders to personalise and ensure grouping filters  

Comments & Notifications

Quickly leave a comment on a file or folder 

Comment notifications
Email & Mobile device
Timestamped and audited

Activity Feed

New or deleted files in shared folders
File modifications
Download of shared files
New comments or tags
Calendar invitations
and more!

Document Collaboration

Create, share and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets!  

Workflow Manager

The Workflow engine expands the capabilities of auto tagging and File Access Control, enabling administrators to start any kind of actions based on triggers. Examples would be converting document file types to PDF upon upload by members of a specified group or emailing files put in a specified folder with a given tag to a given mail address.  

All Platforms

Nextcloud is available on all platforms!

Connect from web browser and PC, MAC and Linux clients

The mobile app is available to download for free giving you all the features on the go!

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